Friday, May 10, 2019

Materials needed for sustainable construction

I’m Alpman Ilker, family guy, classic car aficionado, and contractor. I’ve shared a lot of insights on being a dad and a car enthusiast. Today however, I’ll be discussing two things I think are very important: sustainable construction and the materials needed to complete green projects.

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Sustainable (or green construction) refers to the environment-friendly process of building a structure. From the project’s construction to its demolition, every step requires a greener approach. One of these steps is getting materials.

Here are some of the materials used for green construction.


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Bamboo is strong and reliable. Having it in homes allows for cleaner area. Using it in an even bigger area such as the urban landscape holds a lot of promise for the environment. Bamboo is easy to grow and harvest and makes for good building material.

Recycled plastic

From becoming a hazard to the environment to a part of a building, recyclable plastic plays a big role in green construction. Instead of allowing it to stay in the environment where it can do a lot of damage to plants and wildlife everywhere, engineers have found a way to incorporate this material in the building of houses and buildings.


Grasscrete is relatively new technology. It is concrete flooring that allows grass to grow. Because of this, water is absorbed at a higher rate. This is great for places where flooding is the norm. And just like bamboo and other plant life, it makes the air cleaner and cooler.

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