Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Raising Kids In The Age Of Technology And Social Media

Technology for the most part has been remarkable in improving the quality of life of people. Gadgets and the internet can surely help children in many ways, too, as with long-distance communication, research, and apps that aid in education and learning.

But there are instances when technology can be problematic. There are all kinds of content online, and some of the more disconcerting issues brought about by the internet and social media include cyberbullying, sexual harassment, and pornography. Smartphones and tablets can also distract kids when they need to focus, like in studying.

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It is important to keep kids abreast with modern times and to help them learn how to use technology, but as with anything, parents need to provide guidance. Setting rules is one way to moderate. For example, using the tablet for games and social apps can be limited to certain hours, like in the evening after homework. It is up to the parent at what age they think social media is appropriate, but Facebook and Instagram require at least 13 years old.

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The parent also has to set an example by not being hooked to their devices either. Show the kids the importance of face-to-face interaction and the value in experiencing life outside of virtual reality.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hobbies That Should be Introduced to Children

Childhood is a very important stage in life. This is when children develop many qualities that will determine what kind of grown-ups they will be. Here are a few of the best hobbies children should be exposed to.

Martial Arts
Martial arts programs for children are all over the place. These are good places to start because they instill the essential qualities of discipline, self-confidence, and patience in children. Children who’ve gone through martial arts training are less likely to get affected by bullying, and have been known to be more emotionally stable.

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Music is amazing for children because it opens a whole new world for them. They learn the beauty of songs that they only sing or dance to. They develop a sense of rhythm (which is a very underrated quality). And learning how play an instrument is a skill they can bring with them the rest of their lives.

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Learning how to swim has two very important purposes – the actual learning how to swim itself, which is a very practical life skill, and the conquering of fear. The first few lessons can be terrifying for children. But once they get their feet paddling and they can do the different strokes and breathe in between, children are gifted with courage they’ve never known before then.

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